Wonbin Is Too Handsome for the Eyes in Elle Magazine

If being handsome was illegal, Wonbin would be locked away for life. Luckily, it is not illegal and we are free to gaze upon the perfection that is Wonbin’s face. 

The 37 year old actor recently had a photo shoot and interview for the magazine Elle and for the men’s skin care line, Biotherm Homme. In one photo, Wonbin shows a very stylish concept while looking relaxed in a classic black and white suit. In another, we get a close up of Wonbin’s serene expression and his vibrant skin. Try not to get lost in those eyes.

In the interview with the magazine, Wonbin said talked about what he was currently doing and his plans for the future. “I’m not working on any projects right now, but there will definitely be one in the future. I’m hoping for the day when I can laugh with everyone through a good project.”


You can see more photos of Wonbin and his handsomeness in the June edition of Elle Magazine.