A Pink’s Jung Eunji to Star in “Trot Lovers,” Receiving Three Times the Pay

A Pink’s Jung Eunji, after just two drama appearances, has become the main lead in a new miniseries and has also been met with a spike in her contract guarantee.

Jung Eunji will be playing the main role of Choi Choon Hee in the upcoming KBS drama “Trot Lovers.” The A Pink member previously appeared in tvN’s “Reply 1997” and SBS’ “That Winter, the Wind Blows.” As someone for whom acting is not their main focus, this is a quite an impressive feat.

Especially notable is her appearance fee for the drama. According to industry officials on May 19, Jung Eunji’s guarantee for “Trot Lovers” is roughly three times that of what she had received for her previous dramas. It was revealed that “Trot Lovers” will be a 16-episode drama, for which Jung Eunji will receive 10 million won (approx. 9800 USD) per episode.

In the drama, Choi Choon Hee (Jung Eunji) is the oldest child in her household, who must support her father and younger sister with any means possible. When she meets top star Jang Joon Hyuk (Ji Hyun Woo), she embarks on the road to becoming a trot singer.