Orange Caramel Wants to Eat Ice Cream Bingsoo with You in Music Video for Baskin Robbins

As the weather starts getting warmer, the adorable girls of Orange Caramel wants to eat a refreshing ice cream bingsoo with you in the music video for “Abing Abing.”

After School‘s quirky sub unit Orange Caramel worked with ice cream brand Baskin Robbins for what will be summer’s catchiest song about ice cream, “Abing Abing.” Bingsoo is a shaved ice dessert popular in Korea, and Baskin Robbins chose Orange Caramel to help promote their ice cream bingsoo for this summer.

The music video has the signature Orange Caramel style of bright colors and playful outfits. The girls of Orange Caramel waste away in the heat of the summer, until they get their hands and spoons into an ice cold bingsoo.