Big Mama’s Min Hae Makes Solo Debut with “You & Me” Album and MV

Member of the now disbanded vocal group Big Mama, singer Min Hae has returned with her first-ever solo album.

Her album titled “You & Me” was released digitally on May 20 at 12pm, marking her comeback after a four-year hiatus, her previous release being Big Mama’s fifth album in 2010.

The clear and charming voice of Min Hae can be heard in all five songs of the mini album. Although she made her debut 12 years ago, this is her first time to stand alone as a singer without the support of Big Mama.

Known for having the softest and brightest voice of the group, the album highlights her pleasant voice. The title track “You & Me” is a sweet love song, and “Let Me Inside” continues with the same theme. “Lovely Step” tells about the adorable steps of a puppy, whereas “Spring Wind” composed by Min Hae is a calming spring song.

Take a look at the music video of her title track “You & Me” below!