Dal Shabet’s Subin Poses for Magazine’s Underwear Photo Shoot

Dazed & Confused magazine has released photos from a recent photo shoot with Dal Shabet star Subin. The magazine will feature Subin as a model for a selection of underwear for the Summer season 2014 in its upcoming June edition.


A representative for the magazine told the media that Subin turned out to be an ideal pick for the role. “It was Subin’s first underwear photo shoot, but you would never have guessed that,” said the representative. “She was very professional. She has a great body and really knows how to pose for the camera. Young women will really get a good idea about their shopping choices from these pictures.”


Subin’s schedule has become increasingly busy of late. In addition to her activities with Dal Shabet, she is also appearing on MBC Everyone reality show “Nine to Six 2” and JTBC’s “Korean Hot Square.” She also hosts “Baseball Reader Man” on MBC.

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