Park Shin Hye for InStyle, Talks About Wanting to Act with Yoo Seung Ho

On May 20, fashion magazine InStyle revealed an interview and pictorial that took place in Manhattan, New York, with actress Park Shin Hye.

In the released photos, Park Shin Hye puts her innocent image aside and goes for an unconventional look. From a bright red suit to a long dress that accentuates her legs and back silhouette, the actress successfully pulls off a mature yet feminine look.

The photo shoot took place throughout different areas on the streets of Manhattan, as she posed chicly and flashed her characteristic ‘refreshing smile’ for the camera.

Following the photo shoot, InStyle completed an interview with Park Shin Hye, during which she confessed, “There has been a lot of older woman/younger man couples in dramas these days. If I received an offer for such a role, I would want to do it with Yoo Seung Ho. In the past, I only saw Yoo Seung Ho as being cute, but meeting him after he filmed the drama ‘I Miss You,’ he had become very mature and manly.”

Also during the interview, the actress shared, “Because I like exercise and leisure sports, I want to try doing an action project. My dream is to do wire-action acting like the movie ‘Tomb Raider.’

You can look out for Park Shin Hye’s full New York pictorial and interview for InStyle in June issue. Until then, check out some of the photos below!