Actor Kim Tae Hoon Joins JYP Entertainment

Actor Kim Tae Hoon has signed a contract with JYP Entertainment, it has been revealed. The move means he is now on the same roster as stars like Lee Jung Jin, Song Ha Yoon and Min Hyo Rin. Kim Tae Hoon made his movie debut in 2002, and is famous for his roles in films such as “When Winter Comes” and last year’s “An Ethics Lesson.”

A JYP spokesperson told the media that the actor’s versatility and performance skills made him a valuable acquisition. The spokesperson explained, “We are so happy to have him aboard. He is a really unique talent and a fantastic actor. He acts just as well in TV dramas as he does in feature movies.”

Kim Tae Hoon is the younger brother of Kim Tae Woo, also a famous actor. The older Kim brother is famous for his roles in movies such as “Joint Security Area.”