“Show Me the Money 3” Had 3,000 Rappers Try Out For Preliminary Round

According to a statement released by Mnet on the May 19, 3,000 candidates participated in the preliminary round of the hip-hop survival program “Show Me the Money 3”, which is 1.5 times as many people as last year.

Early that morning, one could witness the bizarre sight of a long line of rappers lining up to tryout for the show, which has grown quickly in popularity. In particular, the addition of well-known rappers Vasco, Giriboy, New Champ, and Born Kim as well as Bobby and B.I. of Team B from YG’s show “WIN” have caused increased public interest in the show.

Kim Jin Pyo will play MC for “Show Me the Money’s” third season. He remarked that “I was nervous because so many people came to see the auditions. I’m so glad to be writing a new chapter in the history of Korean hip-hop with ‘Show Me the Money 3.’”

He then revealed the producers who will form and direct the show’s four competing teams: Tablo and Master Woo, Swings and San E, Dok2 and The Quiett, and YDG.

During the auditions, the seven producers listened to each applicant rapping one by one so as to sort out those with talent. The pool of candidates this season was diverse with regard to age, nationality, and gender, ranging from a 40 year old who auditioned in a choir robe to an elementary student, a non-Korean, and several female rappers. Each candidate had about 30 seconds in front of the panel to perform a self-composed verse.


“Show Me the Money 3” will air its first episode on July 3.