Rapper NaShow Doesn’t Want An “Elevator Life” in New Single “I Wish” Feat. C-Clown’s Kang Jun

NaShow showed his extraordinary talent as a singer-songwriter by composing the beats and lyrics for, producing, and rapping on the track for his second single “I wish,” which he released on May 20.

“I wish” is a bright, exciting track with strong pop elements. Idol group C-Clown‘s Kang Jun participated on the vocals. In contrast to his first single with Lady Jane, which was a sad love song, “I wish” has a more cheerful feel. The message of the song is that it’s better in some ways to struggle to get ahead than have an easy and comfortable life (“Whatever you want, if you don’t run, it’s not okay / You want an elevator-like life? / I don’t know, that won’t satisfy you”).

A representative from Moon and Stars Music (NaShow’s label) stated that “Kang Jun is gifted with wonderful vocals and he understood the track very well, so we finished production faster than expected. And NaShow is very ambitious and hopes to explore various genres of music in the future. Please show him your support.”