Jung Woo Sung Looks to His Past for GQ Korea

Veteran heartthrob Jung Woo Sung’s latest pictorial has been released.

The experienced actor, whose career spans twenty years, will be featured in the next issue of “GQ Korea” in a photoshoot that uses the Jamsu Bridge as a backdrop. The same bridge figured prominently in the movie “City of the Rising Sun” (1999) in which Jung Woo Sung plays a struggling boxer who falls in with the wrong crowd.

In an accompanying interview, Woo Sung talked about aging: “In my teens and twenties loneliness was a familiar feeling; in my 30s, I was able to become a better person.”

Readers will be able to find Jung Woo Sung’s pictorial and humanly charming interview (“Woo Sung’s Early Summer”) in the June issue of “GQ Korea.”