“WGM TV” Preview Features G.NA and Eric Nam

G.NA and f(x)‘s Amber used to have valley girl accents? Eric Nam and Tasty‘s Soryong have a dance battle during recording?

The preview for episode seven of “WGM TV” showed guests G.NA and Eric Nam lighting up the studio with their opinions and humor. Although short, the preview video for the upcoming episode featured G.NA and Amber speaking in valley girl accent, while Soryong and Eric Nam challenged each other to a dance battle.

That’s not all as the video also showed G.NA revealing that in the past she and Soryong had lived together! However, don’t be too shocked as that statement had to be clarified by G.NA in order to prevent any misunderstandings. Although G.NA announced that she did not like younger men, she and Eric Nam openly discussed topics about love and relationships.

As “WGM TV” reveals behind the scene clips of “Global We Got Married Season 2,” get ready to hear discussions and opinions from hosts Amber and Soryung, as well as from guests G.NA and Eric Nam. Remember to tune in to episode 7 of “WGM TV!’ Check out the preview below!