Wheesung was the Toughest Towards Ailee?

Wheesung revealed that of all the singers he had produced, he had been the toughest towards Ailee. On the May 20 broadcast of  KBS 2TV‘s “1 Vs. 100,” Wheesung challenged 100 people to try and win the prize of 50 million won (about 48,750 USD). 

1 vs 100

When MC Han Suk Joon asked the singer turned producer, “I heard you are known as a scary producer,” Wheesung expressed that he was tough to his junior singers because he felt disappointed as he believed that some singers who could have produced better songs had lacked something instead of reaching their highest potential. 

Furthermore, when talking about his role in producing Ailee’s albums featuring the songs “Heaven” and “Singing got Better,” Wheesung stated, “Ailee had to sing the song so that the song’s lyrics and stories could be felt by the music listener, but because Ailee was from America she had difficulty pronouncing the Korean words. Thus, for four days straight I strictly trained her while in the recording studio. For Ailee, I believe that wherever she goes she will not hear any negativity against her ability to sing. There is nothing to criticize about Ailee’s singing ability.”

Despite his tough training tactics, Wheesung’s tough love may have allowed Ailee to be acknowledge as one of Korea’s most talented female artists. We hope to hear more Wheesung produced Ailee songs in the future!

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