Crayon Pop Thanks Senior Kim Kyung Ho for Performing Rocker Version of “Uh Ee” on Air

Girl group Crayon Pop sent a thank-you message to senior Kim Kyung Ho for arranging and performing their song on television.

On May 21, they tweeted, “We are such super big fans of senior Kim Kyung Ho, and have watched him perform an arrangement of our song ‘Uh Ee’ on ‘Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before.’ There’s no words to describe…! We were very excited and it was the best! Congrats on placing first^^!”

Kim Kyung Ho appeared on the May 20 episode of “Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before,” a new music survival show from Mnet, and performed a rock version of Crayon Pop’s latest song. He received many votes from the audience, and got first place.

Soompiers, do you like his version? Watch the clip below from the show.