VIXX Releases New “ETERNITY’ Teaser

Following up on their individual teaser images that were released on May 19, VIXX has released another teaser image for their “ETERNITY” comeback. The photo shows the VIXX members standing in front of a broken, lightning stricken clock, for a mysterious and dream-like atmosphere.

Jellyfish Entertainment said, “VIXX’s fourth single album concept is ‘the fantasy of time,’ and is about the miracle of love that exists in the moment and forever.”

This is a highly anticipated comeback by VIXX. Given the nature of the concept and the teaser photos released so far, fans are looking forward to seeing the music and choreography that VIXX will bring to the stage next. Moreover this will be VIXX’s first return to the stage all together in six months. “ETERNITY” is set to be released on May 27. 

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