Chrome Entertainment Preparing Crayon Pop’s Sister Group “Bob Girls”

Chrome Entertainment, home to Crayon Pop and K-Much, will be introducing their second girl group, Bob Girls

On May 21, Chrome Entertainment announced the new group with a picture and said, “Chrome Entertainment’s second girl group, ‘Bob Girls,’ is preparing to debut on stage mid June.” A representative of Chrome Entertainment explained that the group’s concept and style is not just based on the short haircut, but a symbol on the transformation a girl will go through when she cuts her long hair. “Through various transformations and changes, the group will show their unique personalities and colors with their bobbed hair identities.”

Bob Girls, which could be a working title, is named after their bobbed hair style. Their members are Dahye, Yoojung, Gina, and Danbi. The members are not just pretty, but have excellent skills in singing and dancing. 

bob girls