Chun Jung Myung Is Dating! Agency Confirms

Actor Chun Jung Myung is dating!

It has been confirmed that the actor (34) has been dating his 22-year-old civilian girlfriend for about a month now. The couple was caught on camera on a date, arms linked, and both acquaintances of the couple and Chun Jung Myung’s agency have confirmed that they are indeed in a relationship. The actor’s agency, Red Line Entertainment, said that they were cautious to reveal this fact, as the actor’s girlfriend is not a celebrity. 

According to sources, Chun Jung Myung met his current girlfriend at a meeting with friends, and fell for her mature, kind, and understanding personality. His girlfriend, who works in the fashion industry, was revealed to have fallen for Chun Jung Myung’s tough but sweet character.

Currently, Chun Jung Myung is appearing on the MBC variety show “Real Men.”