JYJ’s Yoochun Set to Feature in Gummy’s New Album

Singer and actor Park Yoochun of JYJ worked together with singer Gummy by featuring on her new album.

Yoochun participated in a song with a reggae sound and refreshing melody, and it is expected to be a perfect match for the summer season.

The two singers’ agency, C-JeS Entertainment, explained, “Yoochun was initially set to narrate as the role of a boyfriend for the song. However, after listening to the song and working together at the recording studio, he ended up featuring his voice to harmonize with Gummy, along with the narration. The two of them recorded the song together in a lively atmosphere, as the song is made up of cute lyrics and an exciting rhythm.”

Yoochun shared about the experience, “I usually enjoy listening to relaxing and lyrical indie music, and the song that I featured in also has a similar feel. It’s a bright song that makes you want to go on a picnic so I was able to enjoy the recording.”

Gummy’s upcoming album is being highly anticipated, as it will be her first album in four years. Additionally, songs composed by the singer’s close friends, Hweesung and Hwayobi, will also be included in the new album.