Kim Greem Is Prettier Than Ever in Teaser Images for Comeback

Solo singer Kim Greem will be making a comeback soon and released a few teaser images. 

On May 21, Kim Greem’s agency, Nextar Entertainment, released the photos and announced that the singer will make her come with the single “Slide to Unlock.” In the teaser photos, Kim Greem goes for a sexy and feminine with her long brown hair and her white clothing. It seems that with each promotions, Kim Greem develops into a mature and beautiful performer.

“Slide to Unlock” will be about a woman who is curious to see what is inside the phone of her lover, and is promised to be a honest song that many women will be able to relate to.

kim greem

kim greem

Kim Greem will make her comeback with “Slide to Unlock” on May 23.