IU Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of Her Teaser with Kim Wan Sun

Having recently released her first remake album, comprised of old hits such as Kim Gwang Suk‘s “Flower,” Kim Wan Sun‘s “A Clown Laughing at Us,” Lee Mun Se‘s “When My Love,” Sanulrim‘s “Your Meaning,” and others, IU just released the making video for her teaser with Kim Wan Sun.

In the making video, IU explains the concept of the video, set in an old school coffee house, where she, dressed like a ‘little Kim Wan Sun,’ has the classic Korean image of a gum-chewing, delinquent girl.

IU overflowed with compliments about industry senior Kim Wan Sun, who made a special appearance in the teaser. She gushed about how cool Kim Wan Sun is and about how different they look, despite them doing the same dance moves. IU also expressed her thanks to Kim Wan Sun, who was very patient teaching her how to dance and did not give up on her.

Kim Wan Sun reciprocated with her feelings, saying that she was really happy when IU asked her to do the teaser. She said she was so surprised and pleased when she heard the remake version: “I really liked it, and I think the result was something that I could never have imagined.”

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