SISTAR’s Soyu to Reveal Her Neat and Cozy Loft on “I Live Alone”

Girl group SISTAR member Soyu will be letting the cameras into her sweet home for the first time.

The idol was recently confirmed as the first female member of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” and on the upcoming episode, Soyu will be revealing her daily life as a single lady.

Due to her busy schedule, Soyu moved out from SISTAR’s dorm around two weeks ago, and is currently living alone in a spacey loft. However, seeing the neat interior of her house, not to mention the fridge filled with side dishes and stew for breakfast, it looks like she is adjusting to her solo life extremely well. Even the show’s “clean freak” Noh Hong Chul approved of the new cast member’s housekeeping skills when Soyu was shown carefully cleaning her stove.

The episode also gives a taste of Soyu’s workout routine, which leaves even most men speechless. Known for her healthy and toned body, she completes difficult moves with ease and enjoys her time at the gym. Seeing this, Noh Hong Chul could not hold back his admiration and compared Soyu to Angelina Jolie.

“I Live Alone” featuring Soyu’s first appearance will air on May 23 at 11:20pm.