Fly to the Sky’s Brian and Hwanhee Show Close Relationship with G.NA

On May 20, Fly to the Sky‘s Brian Joo uploaded on his personal Twitter account a selca he and Hwanhee snapped with G.NA, showing their warm senior and junior relationship. 

(Translation of the Korean part: Sleep a bit before you go to the radio show.)

The picture shows G.NA, who’s currently promoting her new song “Pretty Underwear,” in between Brian and Hwanhee, smiling for the camera. 

The friendship between G.NA and Brian is not a secret in the industry, with Brian even calling G.NA in his radio show, “Oven Radio.”

In related news, Fly to the Sky, who has made their comeback after five years, has been gaining more popularity for their track “You You You,” which reached the top rank in digital music charts only two days since it was released.