Verbal Jint to Hold World Tour, Starting with New York City

Rapper Verbal Jint is branching out to the world as he kicks off his world tour, starting with New York City.

Verbal Jint’s label Brand New Music announced on May 21 that Verbal Jint will hold his very first world tour in May, visiting three American cities and Sydney, Australia.

He will be joined by soul singer Bumkey, rapper Kanto, vocalist Hwayoung and Illionaire‘s Beenzino.

Verbal Jint was originally going to make a comeback by releasing his album “GO HARD Part. 1 Upward Leveling” in April. However, in respect to the Sewol tragedy, he has postponed his album release indefinitely. He is currently planning on releasing his album in June, after his global tour.

The New York City concert will be held on May 22, with dates set for May 23 in Seattle and May 25 in Los Angleles, before Verbal Jint heads to Sydney for May 30 show.