Director Kim Ki Woong Talks About “Super Star K5” Faults, Shows Determination for “Super Star K6”

Director Kim Ki Woong, in charge of producing sixth season of Mnet‘s popular audition show “Super Star K,” talked about the faults of the previous seasons.

He talked about the flaws in the ratio of the voting system, saying, “I would like to see everyone be pleased with the results. If the voting ratio was 60% dependent on viewers and 40% on the judges, it would be fair. The show was made so the viewers can determine the winners. It wouldn’t make sense if everything was decided by the judges.”

Director Kim also talked about pushing participants too hard. He said, “when the contestants get eliminated without showing their abilities, it’s our fault for pushing them so hard during such a tight schedule. I saw our flaws during the two months of training the contestants. We still have a long way to go.”

On eliminating so many talented musicians during Super Week, he added, “it’s true that many talented people get eliminated during Super Week. There are occasions where we want them to go on but we can’t do anything about it.”

In order to have a great season, he stated that he has brought on the best and talented staff members from previous seasons for season six, showing great determination for the upcoming season.

Super Star K6” will premier on August 22.