EXO’s Kris Rumored to be in Talks with Xu Jinglei for a Possible Screen Debut

Kris of boy group EXO, who has recently filed a lawsuit against his company SM Entertainment, is rumored to be in talks for a possible movie deal in China.

On May 21, China’s media portal Sina reported that actress and film director Xu Jinglei made a post on her Weibo saying, “How can he be so handsome? I want to post a picture of him but I have to hide [him],” which led many to speculate that she is currently communicating with Kris for a film project.

Sina wrote that an insider has confirmed that “Xu Jinglei has talked to Kris in the past.” This insider also admitted to not knowing about their future plans.

Sina also added that “this movie’s casting is being carried out in secret,” and that “the people involved are being very secretive about it.”

About the current situation with Kris and SM, a music industry insider has said that Kris is still unable to be contacted, and that “since his lawsuit with SM Entertainment is still going on, it is difficult to predict what his future plans would be like.”

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