Son Dam Bi’s Tanned Body Is Perfect for “InStyle”

Singer Son Dam Bi posed for some very sexy shots for the fashion magazine “InStyle.” For this pictorial, Son Dam Bi traveled to Bali and showed her flawless tanned body.

The staff members who were present at the scene of the photo shooting praised her immensely and said, “She doesn’t even need photoshop.”

An interview was conducted following the shooting and Son Dam Bi said, “I’m currently getting ready to become an actress. I want to show you guys my skills through a good production.”

Son Dam Bi had previously appeared in the MBC retro-drama “Lights and Shadows” playing the character Yoo Chae Young back in 2011 and 2012. The film was originally planned to last for fifty episodes but fourteen more episodes were added due to high ratings.

The singer is currently resting but will be soon making a comeback. More pictures can be seen on the magazine’s June issue.

Son Dam Bi for InStyle