Wheesung Has Never Thought G.NA Is Sexy?

Singer Wheesung has revealed that he has never considered fellow artist G.NA to be particularly sexy.

He was a guest on “Shindong’s Shimshimtapa” on May 22, and together with Secret‘s Hyosung and the MC Shindong, he talked about the female singers he has worked with.

As they mentioned G.NA, who is also currently promoting her new album, Wheesung confessed, “Honestly, not even once have I thought that G.NA is sexy.”

“If you see her in real life, she is rather innocent and cute. That is her charm,” he revealed the truth behind G.NA’s sweet and sexy stage image.

Later on, Secret’s Hyosung expressed her interest in collaborating with the senior singer, “I want to ask Wheesung to write a song for me, but I heard his directing style is so harsh that other female artists have ended up crying. I felt scared and restrained from asking.”

Hearing this, Wheesung explained, “That image makes me lose my chances of getting married. People think I’m picky and difficult to deal with, but I’m actually a decent guy that listens to others well. It is true that I made Ailee and Lyn cry. But it was not because of my evil words, but rather because I care for them and I wanted to direct them in a harsh manner. Ailee probably cried because she felt perplexed, not because she was hurt.”