“Four Sons and One Daughter” Slated for Season 2 Comeback in September

Fans of the MBC variety show “Four Sons and One Daughter” won’t have to be sad as the first season of the show ends as they only have to wait a little more until the show airs its second season in September.

While the production crew and the show mainstays are still yet to be determined, the director, PD Kang Yeong Seon, says the filming for the show will start soon. “We’ll start filming for Season 2 by August this year and we’re preparing and aiming to broadcast it by September.”

While the real preparation for the filming has yet to start, the current production crew for “Four Sons and One Daughter” are engaging in simple discussions regarding the show.

The show, “Four Sons and One Daughter” is a variety program where four “brothers” and one “sister” live with their “parents” in the countryside for four nights and five days, showing the meaningful relationship that a family could have. The first season of the show which ends on May 23 featured Kim Gu Ra, Kim Min Jong, Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Jae Won, and Honey Lee who all received a lot of love from the viewers. The season 2 of the show is expected to air by September.