Rising Star Kang Woo Chosen as Model for Park Hae Jin’s New Chinese Fashion Brand

Newbie star Kang Woo has been chosen as a model for V-Modern, a Chinese fashion brand created by Park Hae Jin.

Kang Woo’s agency WM Company announced on May 22 that Kang Woo will be debuting as a fashion model for the Chinese fashion brand V-Modern. Park Hae Jin, who is also part of the same agency, will be debuting as the designer of the brand.

V-Modern is Park Hae Jin’s fashion project in China. He is collaborating with celebrated Chinese fashion designer Mark Chang for the brand.

V-Modern had its promotion event last February in Beijing, with many industry insiders attending. Selection of Kang Woo as its model is receiving a lot of buzz as many actors auditioned for the brand model position.

Kang Woo is 184cm tall and has great proportions just like a runway model.

V-Modern will launch its first collection on July 8, and Park Hae Jin has already completed approximately 100 designs to be sold via internet. He is also preparing to open physical stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2015.

Kang Woo