New Girl Group Bob Girls’ Practice Photos Released Ahead of June Debut

Chrome Entertainment, the agency which represents Crayon Pop and other artists, has released photos of its latest girl group, Bob Girls. The photos show the new four-member group practicing their dance moves and posing in the agency’s dance rehearsal room.

bob girls practice

The new act, dubbed “Crayon Pop’s younger sisters’ group,” is currently in training ahead of a forthcoming debut, which is tentatively set for some time in June. Their name is in part a reference to their hairstyle, according to the agency, as all four girls have short bob hairstyles.

A representative for the agency told the media, “The girls have been working exceptionally hard, and are training for up to 12 hours a day. They are taking singing lessons, doing a lot of fitness training, and are also learning how to play musical instruments and act. You can expect a lot from their debut.”