Kim Greem Releases New Single Album and MV for “Push to Unlock”

Singer Kim Greem has officially made her comeback with the release of her new single album “Push to Unlock” on May 23.

She also just released the music video for her title track of the same name, where you can listen to the beautiful combination of Kim Greem’s unique voice and her new R&B sound, accompanied with a cute cartoon visualization.

“Slide to Unlock” is about a woman who is curious to see what is inside the phone of her lover, and is an honest song that many women will be able to relate to. Featured on the chorus of the song is 2BiC’s Kim Ji Hwan, making for a great harmony with Kim Greem. 

Kim Greem debuted in 2011 with “There Was Only You,” and has since done a largely acoustic sound. This is the singer’s first venture into the R&B and soul genre. Listen to her new title track below!

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