SHINee’s Key Unexpectedly Meets His Mother-in-Law on “We Got Married Global Edition”

SHINee member Key will have a surprise meeting with his Japanese mother-in-law.

In the upcoming May 24 broadcast of MBC Every1’s variety program “We Got Married Global Edition 2,” Key will be surprised with an unexpected meeting with his virtual wife Arisa Yagi’s mother.

At the recent filming for the show, Arisa Yagi took Key to a nearby Korean Table d’hote and asked him to wait in the room by himself while she excused herself to use the restroom.

Key then opened the door to the room without any thought, and was caught by surprise when he found Arisa Yagi’s mother already waiting. It is reported that Key, who was shocked by the unexpected surprise, grabbed his shoes and ran out of the room. After calming himself down, he returned and bowed in respect to his mother-in-law.

In the personal interview, Key confessed, “Something was a bit suspicious because my wife is not one to go to the restroom after telling me. I just thought it was an event, so I panicked because I had no idea that my mother-in-law would be there.”

Also, you can watch Heechul and Puff Kuo go on a camping trip in the upcoming episode as well.

MBC Every1’s “We Got Married Global Edition” will air on May 24 at 10 PM (KST). Check out the preview below!