Nam Goong Min Greatly Impressed by His Wife Hong Jin Young

On the May 24 episode of the MBC show “We Got Married,” the wedding reception of actor Nam Goong Min and singer Hong Jin Young will be shown.

In this episode, while Hong Jin Young was appreciating the band that was playing at their wedding reception, she surprised Nam Goong Min by suddenly going up the stage and performing a special number for her husband, in front of a lot of people.

Nam Goong Min, who closely watched the performance of his wife Hong Jin Young said, “My ideal type has changed. When she was singing, her veins were showing and it made me feel giddy.”

“I was trembling. I had to avoid Nam Goong Min’s gaze because I was so nervous,” said Hong Jin Young of what she remembered while performing onstage.

See the impromptu performance of Hong Jin Young that was so good it made Nam Goong Min change his ideal type on “We Got Married,” to be broadcast on May 24, 5:10 p.m.

 Hong Jin Young Nam Goong Min