Celebrity Besties Kim Sung Eun and Park Soo Jin Show Off Their Beauty In Recent “Elle” Pictorial

Kim Sung Eun and Park Soo Jin, who are currently the main MCs for the popular gastronomy TV show “Tasty Road,” showed off their fit bodies for the “Elle” magazine pictorial.

Kim Sung Eun and Park Soo Jin are very much known for being best friends and during the interview that was conducted following the photo shoot, they revealed some of their secrets in maintaining healthy bodies. Park Soo Jin said, “I recently started to work out on a daily basis with Kim Sung Eun. It’s not about how hard you work out. We try to find ways to work out and have fun at the same time as well.” Kim Sung Eun talked about finding a comfortable side within the inner self and added, “I also think stability is very much important when trying to keep a balance in life.”

More pictures and interviews can be found on the June issue of Elle.

Kim Sung Eun for Elle

Park Soo Jin for Elle