EXO Completely Sells Out Tickets for Concert in China!

Tickets for EXO’s China concert have been sold out, proving their popularity once again!

Damai, the ticket distributors for EXO’s China concert, announced through Weibo on May 23 that all seats for the group’s upcoming June 14 concert have sold out. Continuing the flow of their Hong Kong concert, which also quickly sold out tickets as soon as it opened to the public, EXO’s sold out first concert in mainland China is showing a great start to their overseas tour.

For this upcoming concert, they adopted a new system for ticket sales in which there were two separate rounds for ticket reservations.

A representative of SM Entertainment shared with TV Report, “Due to EXO’s immense popularity in China, many fans were expected to purchase tickets, so we incorporated this new system to make the process smoother. Ticket reservations were announced a few days before opening ticket sales, and the fans showed enthusiastic responses.”

It appears that EXO’s position in China has not been greatly affected by the situation with Kris, as their first concert in Wuhan, China has sold out in an instant.

In related news, EXO has already begun their three-day (May 23-25) concert in Korea at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Following these dates, the group will continue to open their official solo concerts in Hong Kong from June 1-2 and Wuhan on June 14. 
EXO China Concert