Kim Sae Ron’s Latest Selca Shows Her Transformation from Girl to Woman

On May 22, actress Kim Sae Ron tweeted “The weather is nice and I’m feeling good” and uploaded a selca in which she displays an ever maturing beauty as she gazes into the camera. Particularly, instead of youthful softness her picture strongly evokes the image of one who has suddenly become a woman.

Kim Sae Ron visited the Cannes Festival for the 2nd time to screen her latest movie, “A Girl at My Door”; she is now busy with her role in KBS 2TV’s drama “High School — Love On” as the female lead, Lee Seul Bi. “High School — Love On” will air this coming June.

Kim Sae Ron’s fans can also catch her in the upcoming movie “Manhole,” which will be released during the summer.

Kim Sae Ron Selca