Heechul, Lawyer Kang Yong Suk, and More Weigh in on EXO Kris’ Situation

On the recent broadcast of JTBC’s “War of Words,” Super Junior‘s Heechul expressed his opinions on the current situation of Kris and EXO

The May 22 episode of the JTBC show, the broadcast covered the topic of “Million Sellers,” highlighting both g.o.d‘s and EXO‘s achievements in selling over one million albums. However, Heo Ji Woong commented, “We don’t want to talk about the albums; our main interest is on Kris’ lawsuit.” Kang Yong Suk, who is a lawyer and former politician, stated, “It is a lawsuit to terminate ones contract,” and further elaborated on the legal circumstances of the lawsuit. Moreover, the lawyer also commented on how the lawsuit was similar to that of former Super Junior member Hangeng, as Kris had chosen to work with the same lawyer who had worked on Hangeng’s case.

However, SM artist and Super Junior member Heechul’s perspective sparked the most curiosity out of the show’s panels. Heechul expressed, “This situation (with Kris) is different than Hangeng’s lawsuit. In Hangeng’s case, he was only allowed on two shows, and it was difficult for him to do activities in Korea.” 

When Kim Gura mentioned, “Since Hangeng had been lonely [in Super Junior], SM tried to supplement such loneliness by adding more Chinese members and separating the EXO members in to two groups of EXO-K and EXO-M,” Heechul agreed to that statement.

Heechul also added, “In Kris’ situation, the issue is that he let down the trust of his fans since he abruptly left one week before EXO’s concert after preparing all the arrangements and choreography, and after recording all the music.”

When Park Ji Yoon asked, “Doesn’t it take a lot of time and money to change all the arrangements and choreography?” Heechul answered, “Everything is flipped upside down. The music was already recorded, and all the choreography and formation was prepared, but that’s all changing now. In EXO’s case, their choreography had already been arranged into formations of six against six, but that is all flipped upside down [by the lawsuit].”

Furthermore, in regards to Kris’ actions, Heechul said, “I want to approach this as an ill-mannered act by Kris to the fans. If you look at it in another way, this lawsuit could have been predicted because there were issues in the past with Kris. Fans also know about these situations, but Kris would abruptly go missing from the stage, or sometimes he would not come to the company when EXO had activities; there were times when he would go overseas and not come back.”

When the conversation turned to the other EXO members’ actions of unfollowing Kris on Instagram or expressing their opinions through their SNS, Heechul commented, “There’s even such saying that SM forced the members to do that,” which he denied and expressed were not true. Although not an EXO members, Heechul’s perspective as a Super Junior member and a SM artist has been helpful in further understanding this situation.

Want to find out what other insights were shared regarding Kris and EXO? Check out the full video below. Remember to click the close captioning (CC) on the bottom of the video if English subtitles do not show up. 

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