Chae Yeon Updates Fans About Her Rainy Day Miracle

Who else remembers singing along to one of Chae Yeon‘s songs, “Na na na na na na na na na?” Or do you remember when during a game segment of SBS‘ “X-Man,” it was revealed that Chae Yeon and Kim Jong Kook had met before the sexy singer’s debut? Well, if you were curious about what the singer was up to these days, your question was answered when Chae Yeon uploaded a picture of herself on her Weibo.

On May 18, the singer wrote “I had a performance in the early morning, but it suddenly started to rain. However no worries, remember I am the goddess of the sun. When I went up on stage, the rain stopped, but right when I finished and left the stage it started to rain again. I really think I have good luck.”


Along with the quick update, the singer uploaded a photo that showed her wearing a cheetah print outfit while sporting short, wavy hair. Wearing a light pink lipstick, Chae Yeon showed a lovely smile that reflected the singer’s beauty. 

Although the singer is currently promoting in China, we hope to see Chae Yeon release another Korean album in the near future!