Crayon Pop Give First European Interview Ahead of Lady Gaga Tour

Girl group Crayon Pop have given their first interview to a European media outlet, with member ChoA speaking to Dazed & Confused‘s online edition, Dazed Digital.

An article posted on the website on May 23 explained how Lady Gaga‘s interest in their hit single “Bar Bar Bar” had transformed into an offer to join the flamboyant American solo star on tour. The writer called the group “viral joy pixies,” and referred to their music as “cheekily adventurous” and “earworm synthetic pop.”

In the interview, ChoA said that when the group first heard of interest from Lady Gaga, “[it] felt like it was a dream.”

ChoA also explained that performing in comfortable outfits and flat shoes has become second nature to the girls, and being asked to perform in stilettos or platforms is out of the question for Crayon Pop. “Heels would hurt our feet now so we’d refuse to dance in them,” she said.

Crayon Pop are set to perform as a support act on Lady Gaga’s “ARTRAVE” tour in Milwaukee on June 26.

 You can check out the full interview and article here.