Kara’s Fan Club Protests Adding New Members

Kara‘s fan club Kamilia has been hitting the headlines in Korea with banners hung at locations throughout the country in protest of the addition of new members. The girl group, originally a five-member outfit, was rocked by the news of the departure of two of its members earlier this year. Ex-members Nicole and Jiyoung left DSP Media when their contracts with the entertainment company expired.

Recently, however, DSP has launched a search for new members for the group, in the form of a reality show called “Kara Project.” The show is airing on cable channel MBC Music. It seems fans of the group have reacted angrily to this idea, however. Photographs of the banners posted on Twitter and Facebook, show that for a certain section of Kara followers, it would be preferable for remaining members Hara, Gyuri and Seungyeon to continue as a trio.

The banners are adorned with slogans which read, “DSP Media, we are opposed to adding new members to Kara.”

The protests come ahead of the group’s scheduled meeting with fan club members, “Kamilia Day Fan Meeting.” The event will be held in the afternoon of May 24. Up to 5,000 fans usually attend such events, but so far, only around 1,000 people have signed up for it, as fans continue to show their displeasure at DSP’s decision.



How about the international fans? Do you think Kara should add new members or keep as a group of three? Share your thoughts in the comments below.