After School’s Uee Is All Innocent Smiles for Ceci Magazine

Singer turned actress Uee (of girl group After School) has released a summer pictorial.

Ceci magazine’s June cover sets the sexy and birdlike Uee against the exotic background of Thailand Krabi’s azure sea. Wearing a white see through top with bold details, Uee stands out against the blue backdrop. She somehow appears at once both innocent and mature as she winks playfully and splashes water towards the camera. Chic, metallic backpacks and handbags round out the shoot. Uee is a true fashionista as she introduces the reader to the concept of “resort fashion.”

In other news, Uee is scheduled to participate along with Royal Pirates’ James and Teen Top’s Niel in the reality show “Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean,” which will air this July.


Uee UE