Actress Jo Eun Ji Weds Her Manager

Actress Jo Eun Ji has married her manager, the head of Prain TPC, it has been revealed. The star of recent box office hit “The Target” had sent out wedding invitations which she designed herself. These featured a photo of herself in a wedding dress and a pair of shiny gold sneakers.

The couple asked two fellow Prain TPC actors, Oh Jung Se (star of “Running Man“) and Ryu Hyun Kyung (star of “Two Weddings and a Funeral“) to MC the event. The ceremony was held in a fun and lighthearted manner, without any long, dull speeches.

Jo Eun Ji made her big screen debut in the 2001 movie “Tears,” and has starred in hit films such as “Forever the Moment” and “The Concubine.” She has also featured in TV dramas, such as MBC‘s “Personal Taste.”

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