Super Junior’s Ryeowook Shares His Passion for Musicals in an Interview with Ceci

An interview and pictorial with Super Junior’s Ryeowook was revealed by fashion magazine Ceci.

Ryeowook is currently starring in a musical called “Goddess is Watching,” as the role of Ryu Sun Ho, a bright and innocent North Korean child soldier who becomes traumatized by the vicious and devastating Korean War, also known as 6.25 War.

The concept of the pictorial was one that depicted the musical character of Ryu Sun Ho—an “innocent and bright child” concept, which Ryeowook was able to portray perfectly.

Although he has the responsibilities of being a DJ for “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” MCing for Mnet’s “Super Idol Chart Show,” and going back and forth between China and Korea to promote with Super Junior-M, Ryeowook still tried his best to attend musical practice every single day. The singer even sat down with his manager to personally adjust his schedules himself, in order to be able to participate in “Goddess is Watching,” proving his passion for the musical.

Ryeowook also shared, “Sun Ho is as lovable as anyone can be. I am expressing all the cuteness in the world through [the character of] Sun Ho.”

The editor of Ceci, Hwang Bo Sun, who was in charge of the interview and pictorial, complimented the Super Junior member on his ability to successfully portray the “lovable boy” concept of the photo shoot and the way he brightened up the interview atmosphere, despite his busy and tiring work schedule.

Look out for the full interview and pictorial in the June issue of Ceci!