Daniel Henney to Return on Korean Television Through New Reality Show

Despite being busy with his Hollywood activities, actor Daniel Henney will be returning to Korean television through his upcoming travel reality show. “Location” will be a reality show that features the actor traveling to different movie locations to provide viewers with more informations about the filming sites. The show, which is set to broadcast its first episode in July, will focus on the cultural aspects of the locations that were utilized in famous movies.With the first trip set for Macau, Daniel Henney will bring viewers on a trip to experience the hidden features of the region that were not portrayed in the movies.

As this show will be Daniel Henney’s first Korean television program in three years, the actor expressed, “As an actor, I am very excited to be featured in ‘Location.’ As someone involved in the movie industry, Macau is a very charming region. I filmed my movie, ‘Fugitive Plan B‘ in Macau, so this trip will be even more meaningful. Through this trip, I hope I will be able to convey the hidden beauties of Macau.”

Daniel Henney will leave for Macau on May 25. “Location,” which will be broadcasted on Channel CGV, will start airing its episodes in July.