Lee Min Ho’s Japanese Fans Create a Street Dedicated to the Actor

Talk about dedication! Actor Lee Min Ho‘s Japanese fans, “Minoz Japan,” dedicated a street of Shinjuku, Tokyo with posters and banners of the actors. From images of the actor in his past dramas to photos from recent fanmeetings, the images were used to decorate the street.

shinjuku street

Called “Minho’s Street,” the street was transformed to celebrate Lee Min Ho’s eight year anniversary since his debut. The street decoration included hanging banners of the actor on street lamps, posting large posters and images of the actor along the street, and playing a video of the actor on a big screen located on the street. Furthermore, besides decorating the street in Shinjuku, fans prepared a video with messages from fans located all over the world congratulating the actor on his eight year anniversary. 

This is not the first time Lee Min Ho’s fans have gone above and beyond for the actor. Last month, the actor’s Taiwanese fans dedicated an entire bus with Lee Min Ho’s poster to celebrate the broadcast of “The Heirs” on Taiwanese television.

Lee Min Ho debuted back in 2006 through the EBS drama “Secret Campus.” Congratulations Lee Min Ho!