Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – May Week 4

Kpop is finally back to full swing this week and it is reflecting on our chart. The top three songs are all brand new entries in the top 10.

Taking the top spot is EXO-K’s “Overdose,” moving up from No. 14 last week. This is the group’s second No. 1 song on our chart. Last year, their first No. 1 “Growl” went on to become our Song Of The Year and EXO was also voted top male group by our fans. Now they are finally coming back to release their second mini-album “Overdose.” The title track of the same name is an urban dance song with hip-hop and R&B melody. It portrays a man who feels powerless as he cannot get over his infatuation with a fatally attractive woman. “Overdose” swept all music shows last week. Its momentum should carry the song to at least another week on top.

Moving up 17 spots to take second place is Junggigo’s latest hit “Want You.” To our surprise, this song is only 19 points behind “Overdose,” thanks to its stronger showing on independent charts. Junggigo proves he is no one-hit wonder with this strong follow up song to his duet “Some” with Soyu. “Want You” is a medium-tempo song with upbeat acoustic guitar sound. The lyrics centers on a man who is very direct about a girl he likes. Rapper Beenzino is featured in this song.

Legendary first generation male idol group G.O.D reunites and returns to Kpop for the first time in more than eight years with “The Lone Duckling,” moving up 11 spots to No. 3. G.O.D last released their seventh album in 2005 (as a four member group) and then members went solo. Yoon Kye Sang, who left the group in 2002 to become an actor, is rejoining Park Jun Hyang, Kim Tae Woo, Son Ho Young, and Danny Ahn as a full five member group this time. G.O.D plans to release a new album later this year. “The Lone Duckling” is a preview song. This Double Sidekick written ballad is a vintage G.O.D style song that brings back a lot of memories to their greatest hits. It compares the loneliness and pain one feels to an “ugly duckling.”

Double Sidekick is the hottest songwriter in the top 10 this week as the duo has three straight hits in the top five. Besides Junggigo’s “Want You” and G.O.D’s “The Lone Duckling,” at No. 4 we find last week’s No.1 song A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” also written by Double Sidekick.

Rounding out the top five and the last of the four new top 10 entries is Baek Ji Young’s “Firework.” This is a ballad with piano and string melodies reminiscent of sad, classical music. Baek Ji Young’s sorrowful voice imparts the feelings of sadness and anxiety. It is another masterpiece by the ballad queen. This week “Firework” moves up 11 spots to No. 5.

Singles Music Chart - May 2014, Week 4
  • 1 (+14) Overdose
    • Chart Info
    • 15 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 2 (+17) Want You (feat. Beenzino)
    • Chart Info
    • 19 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 2 Peak on chart
  • 3 (+11) The Lone Duckling
    • Chart Info
    • 14 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
  • 4 (-3) Mr. Chu
    • Chart Info
    • 1 Previous rank
    • 7 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 5 (+11) Fireworks
    • Chart Info
    • 16 Previous rank
    • 2 Number of week on chart
    • 5 Peak on chart
  • 6 (-1) The Manual
    • Chart Info
    • 5 Previous rank
    • 6 Number of week on chart
    • 5 Peak on chart
  • 7 (-4) Spring, Love Or Cherry Blossom
    • Chart Info
    • 3 Previous rank
    • 6 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
  • 8 (+2) 200%
    • Chart Info
    • 10 Previous rank
    • 6 Number of week on chart
    • 1 Peak on chart
  • 9 (-5) Can’t Hide It
    • Chart Info
    • 4 Previous rank
    • 5 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
  • 10 (-1) Without You (feat. Hyorin)
    • Chart Info
    • 9 Previous rank
    • 7 Number of week on chart
    • 3 Peak on chart
Rank Song Artist/Band
11 (-9) 그 중에 그대를 만나 (Meet Him Among Them) Lee Sun Hee
12 (-4) 야생화 (Wild Flower) Park Hyo Shin
13 (-7) Give Love Akdong Musician
14 (-7) 그 다음해 (Next Year) Park Jung Hyun
15 (new) Night And Day Wheesung
16 (-5) 까탈레나 (Catallena) Orange Caramel
17 (+12) 그래, 너 (Yes, You) Standing Egg
18 (new) 예쁜 속옷 (G.na’s Secret (Pretty Lingerie)) G.NA
19 (new) 나의 옛날 이야기 (My Old Story) IU
20 (new) Good-night Kiss Hyosung
21 (-4) 흔한 노래 (Ordinary Song) Lim Chang Jung
22 (-9) 내게 남은 세가지 (Three Things I Have Left) Baek Ah Yeon
23 (new) 봄 타나봐 (BOMTANABA) Seo In Guk
24 (new) 지우고 싶다 (Erase) 4men
25 (new) 예쁘니까 잘 될 거야 (Pray) 4men
26 (-14) 얼음들 (Melted) Akdong Musician
27 (new) 뒤척이다 (I Lie Awake) Park Shi Hwan
28 (new) 하루하루 (Day By Day) Ailee
29 (-4) Come Back Home 2NE1
30 (-9) 뜨래요 (Dduraeyo (feat. Angri of 3B)) BaeChiGi
31 (+17) 고마워 내사랑 (Thank You My Love) Hong Dae Kwang
32 (+1) Only You 2NE1
33 (-5) 매일 다른 눈물이 (Everyday Different Tears) Son Seung Yeon
34 (new) Scully Doesn’t Know (feat. G.NA) Humming Urban Stereo
35 (-4) 감아 (Hold Me Tight (feat. Crush)) Loco
36 (new) 해독제 (Detoxicant) Kim Yeon Woo
37 (-17) 그런 남자 (That Kind Of Guy) Bro
38 (new) OK 4men
39 (new) 이방인 (Stranger) Bobby Kim
40 (new) 사랑하게 해줘요 (Let Me Love You) Gavy NJ, 6 to 8
41 (+8) 미안해 (I’m Sorry) Jung Junil
42 (+8) 난 좀 달라 (I’m Different) NC.A
43 (+4) 투하트 (Tell Me Why (Broadcasting Ver.)) Toheart
44 (-17) 요즘 바쁜가봐 (Love Game) 2BiC
45 (-21) 어이 (Uh-ee) Crayon Pop
46 (-14) 너의 모든 순간 (Every Moment Of You) Sung Si Kyung
47 (new) Miss Right BTS
48 (new) NObody kNOws Gilme
49 (-15) 사랑한단 말 (Saying I Love You) Changmin, Jinwoon
50 (-32) 뭘해도 예쁜걸 (You Are Pretty No Matter What You Do) Gil9Bong9

About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music chart or television ranking. It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea and the airplay of each song, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-Pop. Our chart is composed of the following sources:

GAON Music Chart – 20%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Genie) – 15%
Billboard Korea – 20% 
TV Music Show charts (SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, MNet M!Countdown) – 45%

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