SISTAR’s Hyorin and 100%’s Rokhyun Reveal That People Mistake Their Ages on “1000 Song Challenge”

SISTAR member Hyorin, who stepped in as a special MC for “1000 Challenge Song” starting last week, expressed her disappointment about how people misunderstand her as being the oldest member in their group.

On the May 25 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “1000 Song Challenge,” Hyorin drew attention after she shared, “Although I’m the second oldest member within SISTAR, I get mistaken for being the oldest because Bora has a lot of aegyo and is very affectionate. People even think Bora is the youngest.”

During the same episode, Rokhyun, the oldest member of 100%, also confessed that his age gets mistaken as well. He said, “The younger members of 100% all have a strong build, so there are many people who think of me as being the youngest member on the team,” causing the other guests on the show to laugh.

In addition, this episode of “1000 Song Challenge” featured Heo Cham, 100% Rokhyun, NS Yoon-G, BESTie, Hong Dae Kwang, Hyun Jin Young, Oh Seo Woon, Moon Joo Ran, and more, as they sang to compete against one another.

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