Hong Dae Kwang Lost 15 Kilograms Using the “IU Diet”

On the May 25 episode of the show “1000 Song Challenge,” Hong Dae Kwang told his diet story.

During the broadcast, Hong Dae Kwang was paired with Ida Daussy, while SISTAR’s Hyorin and Lee Hwi Jae served as MCs. Hwi Jae remarked that Hong Dae Kwang seemed much slimmer than when he auditioned, and Dae Kwang said that indeed he had lost 15 kilograms since that time. Ida Daussy responded loudly “Why? Because your job is difficult?”, provoking laughter from those present.

Hong Dae Kwang replied that he had lost weight by dieting. “First I tried the ‘almond diet,’ but it didn’t work. Then I tried again using the ‘IU diet’ method (an extreme method of dieting which limits a day’s meals to one apple, one sweet potato, and one protein drink) and was more successful, but once I started eating normally again , I gained weight back.”

Heo Cham, NS Yoon-G, Moon Ju Ran, Rockhyun (from boy band 100%), celebrity married couple Hyun Jin Yeong (musician) and Oh Seo Woon (actress), Kim Hyun Chul, Cheon Myung Hoon, girl group BESTie, Han Min Kwang, and Kim Tae Hwan also made appearances during this episode.

Hong Dae Gwang