SISTAR’s Hyorin Confesses Her Ideal Type and Thoughts on Public Dating

SISTAR’s Hyorin sat down for an interview on the May 25 broadcast of MBC’s entertainment news program “Section TV.”

During the interview, Hyorin shared, “When I look at a man, I tend to look at his personality. But that doesn’t mean I like men who are kind to anyone and everyone.”

The SISTAR member also added, “I like a responsible man with a strong sense of livelihood.” In response to a question about her thoughts on public dating, Hyorin caused laughter with her response, “I don’t think I’ll know until it actually happens. I might be getting too ahead of myself now.”

In other related news, Hyorin recently became a special MC for “1000 Song Challenge and shared about how people mistake her age in SISTAR.
Hyorin Section TV