Infinite Members Dish Out Their Thoughts on Leader Sunggyu’s SNS Habits

The May 25 broadcast of MBC’s entertainment news program “Section TV,” went to the scene of Infinite’s last stop of their three-country comeback showcase tour, “Infinite 1.2.3 Showcase,” which were held in Japan, Taiwan, and lastly, Korea.

During the interview, the members of Infinite shared, “Infinite has our own group text messaging and Sunggyu is very persistent. Not long ago, Sung Jong left the chat room but Sunggyu kept insisting on inviting him until he accepted.”

They also joked, “Sunggyu is the most talkative. He talks a lot about things that are too embarrassing to say in front of people.”

Sunggyu was baffled by his members’ statements and tried to defend himself, explaining, “It is a lot easier to talk about embarrassing things through the chat room than to say it face-to-face. Everyone should try it,” causing laughter.

Meanwhile, Infinite made their comeback on May 21 with their first full-length album in three years, titled “Season 2 .” They are receiving a lot of love for the newest title track “Last Romeo,” which is a dynamic song that expresses the feelings of a man who gives up everything for the sake of love. 
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