Shinhwa’s Eric and Lee Min Woo Showcase Collab Stage of “Love Supreme” for the First Time

Shinhwa’s Eric and Lee Min Woo performed a special collaboration stage for “Love Supreme,” which had not previously been revealed to the public.

At Lee Min Woo’s solo “M Step” concert on May 25 at Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall, Eric appeared as a special guest to reveal the very first stage of “Love Supreme.”

It has been said that Eric originally recorded a rap to feature in Lee Min Woo’s solo song “Love Supreme.” However, the version of the song in which Eric featured was never released, as it did not end up being included in the final album.

At the concert, Eric was initially scheduled to only participate in the performance for “Taxi,” but due to the fans’ loud requests, he reappeared on stage to perform “Love Supreme” as well.

This collaboration stage of the two Shinhwa members was their first in a very long time, since “My Everything” in 2001 and “Punch” in 2003.
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